About Us

When a maladroit and socially incompetent tween named Meghan was seated next to her equally reserved and embryonic peer Caroline on the first day of middle school, neither of them expected anything to come from it. Fortunately, they soon began to bond over their nuisance of a teacher and their advisor’s inability to manage the classroom. By the time the year ended, a friendship had formed. It seemingly came out of nowhere, as most friendships do.

The years of junior high carried on and so did our friendship. We tackled middle school, puberty, and the realization that boys cause drama, together. When middle school ended, we leapt into the next great adventure: high school. High school progressed much in the same way as middle school. We managed to balance extracurriculars, an ever-increasing course load, and social drama with only minimal hours of sleep. But something seemed to be missing. Life had to offer more than mind-numbing school work with the occasional fun weekend.

What we yearned for was an adventure. Late night text conversations revealed our shared wanderlust. Yes, the town we lived in was nice. We were getting a good education. We were safe. But something inside of us was pulling to unknown places. Amid our mundane lives, we conspired for another life. One where we lived without hesitation. One where we threw away the norms which we had for so long lived by. One where we we woke up each morning and were genuinely excited for what lay ahead. Also, we agreed, it would be nice if this new life was slightly warmer than the Chicago winters we had grown accustomed to.

So that is where you meet us. Two friends ready for adventure, and ready to share it with you.

-Caroline and Meghan