I’m a yikes

Hi guys!

I apologize for taking the summer off. Turns out, I’m pretty bad at this whole “blog” thing. To be fair, i have some pretty good excuses.

The majority of my summer was spent as a volunteer counselor at a YMCA Camp in Western Michigan. I was deep enough into the Muskegon woodlands to allow for absolutely no internet reception. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being technology free, but it doesn’t provide for an environment in which to nurture a travel blog. Oh but trust me, I have some amazing stories to tell from 4 weeks with a handful of college kids and just about a million kids.

Another three weeks of my summer break were spent rehearsing and performing Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. I should’ve written during that time, but, ya know, I just didn’t want to. Sorry about that.

So yeah, that was my summer. I have some exciting news coming up and more (hopefully?) insightful retellings of my adventures.

Until then, peace and blessings. Do ya thang.


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