Long Time No Read

Hi. So summer, amiright?

Meghan and I have practically disappeared off the face of this website for a solid couple months, and as life continues to be as hectic as ever, perhaps that won’t change. Or. Maybe. This little catch-up will be a swing back into writing.

I’ve got some stories to relay from summer, but I’ve also still got a couple I can throw up from Spring Break in Spain, and even Winter Break in Switzerland/France (oops?). But for now here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been spending this glorious time away from school doing.

  1. Took summer school! So exciting! Hey, at least I’ll have all my graduation credits
  2. Learned how to drive. Two years late, but who’s counting?
  3. Went to California. College visits, family, and vacation all packaged into one
  4. Did a mission trip in Northern Minnesota

So, that’s all so far. Even though (cringing as I type this) school is going to be upon us soon, there’s still a lot to come. A concert, a dance workshop, Lollapalooza…

Hopefully I remember to write about it all.

Peace and Love,

Caroline Cheng

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