Spain Trumps America

One thing I realized while in Spain is that nobody is in any rush to go anywhere. That song “Despacito” might be about getting it on, but that word is the way they live. Slowly.

Here in the States, we all work constantly and don’t stop until… well, until never. But over there, yes they work hard and want to live a good life, but those ambitions that drive Americans to the point of workaholism don’t stop the Spanish from living life beyond the scope of working. And I freaking love it. Students hosting kids from another country? Homework waived for the week. Lunch is at 3PM with the family? Finish the work day by 2:30PM. “Latina Time” makes sure rushing is something you never need to worry about.

The funny thing, though, is that they already think their lives are strenuous. But then again, my host dad also said that “if [he] were to live in America, [he thinks he’d] die.”

There is one thing, though, that is hurried and urgent over there: showers. Take too long and you’ll use up all of the family’s hot water for the day.

Paz y Amor,

Caroline Cheng

P.S. the original “Despacito” without Justin Bieber is the way to go


Spanish Crash Course:

“Latina Time” – dubbed by my teacher; the lengthy grace periods and delays in time

“Paz y Amor” – Peace and Love

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