I Suck More Than Meghan (yikes)

Before I start I’d just like to say sorry I suck even more than Meghan at running this blog. Life hits you sometimes and when it rains, it pours. I’ve barely had time to scramble through school work but I’m back and have some new stories under my belt.

Like Meghan said in our last post, I went to Spain over Spring Break and lived the hell out of that week. We went through Sevilla and then settled down in Guadix to live with students our age over there. They then hopped over the Atlantic to good old Chicago and when they left, I cried real, vulnerable tears. I’ll put out some more specific posts about the entire experience soon, but for now let me just say this:

If you have the chance to go live abroad with locals (Meghan can attest to this as well as she was living in Spain over Winter Break), do it. Book a cheap flight and find yourself a nice family to stay with, easier said than done, I know; but you’ll not only make your travel expenses lower since room and board are pretty much free, but you’ll leave wherever you are with a new family. Living with locals also gives you something being just a hotel tourist can’t: a taste of real life. You are forced to immerse yourself because you are sleeping, eating, showering, and shitting in a space with people whose lives are probably starkly different than yours, and that forced encounter makes you not only appreciate the place, but the people and their values. I’ll stop myself now because I can feel a rant coming on, but please take this advice.

It will change your life.

Peace and Love,

Caroline Cheng

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