How To Be Adventurous

adventure |adˈvenCHər, əd-|


an unusual and exciting experience or activity


“Adventure” is a highly subjective word. For one person, going out for ice cream with a good friend is all they need to feel the buzz of excitement. For others, that feeling may not come unless they’re cliff diving in Indonesia alongside people they just met yesterday.

With no concrete definition of adventure, how could any of us know if our lives are an “adventure?” How can we know whether or not we’re “living our life to the fullest?” Or “making the most of our time?” Isn’t there always an itch in the back of our minds of: what if there’s more?

Here is what I have to say about that: forget trying to fulfill the guidelines of what social media and our own illusions deem “adventurous.” Instead, we should just take what is in front of us and embrace every single damn feeling we have in that moment, because whether or not there’s “more,” we will never know. This is where we are right now, and this is what we get right now, and that is good enough to live a fulfilling life. If the way things are going doesn’t make you happy or fulfill you, change something; even if that something is as dumb as drinking an extra glass of water every morning.

Each of our everyday lives should be the adventure we all crave. For all of us, the journey will be different. Sometimes it’s international exploration, but other times, it’s listening to the story of someone breaking down at 2AM, bingeing chocolate and peanut butter, and then passing out to the sound of crap television. Each of us just has to remember that every single moment we experience is an adventure in and of itself, it only needs to be recognized.

Stay Adventurous. Stay Stoked.

Peace and Love,

Caroline Cheng

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