The World isn’t So Scary

I grew up (and I guess still am growing up) in a suburb close enough to Chicago that the Sears Tower was visible from my house on a clear day. Much to the annoyance of my friends who actually live in the Windy City however, whenever I travel, I tell people that I live in the city. It’s just simpler that way. Nevertheless, when I’m far from Chicago and tell people it’s my home, I’m immediately met with faces of horror. “Is it dangerous?” (Not usually). “Have you ever been shot at?” (Yes, but not in Chicago.) “Is it as bad as people say it is?” (Absolutely not).

Chuck Todd once said, “No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be” and he was absolutely correct. Yes, there are dangerous things about every place on the globe. It would be foolish of me to ignore that. However, it’s wise to take every horror story with a grain of salt. Before I visited Spain, I was warned by friends and family to be wary of pickpockets. I was told that if I made it through my vacation without being stolen from, it would be a miracle. When I arrived in Spain and asked my Spanish friends about pickpocketing, they laughed. They informed me that in all their years of living in Spain, they had never been stolen from. Unless I wore a sign around my neck proclaiming that I was an American tourist, I would be fine. Well, that and not to let anyone bump into me in Barcelona.
So yes, places can be more dangerous than home. But they probably aren’t as bad as people lead you to believe. I live near Chicago and I’m alive. My friends live near Barcelona and they’ve never been pickpocketed. The world isn’t as scary as people lead you to believe.   

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