Hi. I’m Caroline.

Hey, everybody! My name is Caroline, although I’m more likely to be called Cheng or smol or one of the other fifty nicknames I somehow managed to acquire through the years. I’m the one often behind the camera making grunting noises while lifting my legs (I’ve been dancing all my life and it somehow feels weirdly natural to kick them up).

What else is there to say?

I’m the easily excited, small boobed, never salty (but often internally salty) girl pictured doing an awkward squat on the side of a Chicago River bridge in the image above. I like cats (especially naked ones) and befriending the Oberweis night staff. I’d like to say I’m decently smart and reliable. But don’t get me wrong, I can be the biggest idiot in the world sometimes.

I’ve glued my sister’s eyelid shut putting on false lashes (she’s totally fine. I promise) and gotten a concussion but not gone to the doctor for it. I’ve shit myself in Coronado, CA and accidentally melted a giant piece of chocolate to my butt and legs on a plane ride back from Italy. I’m a real struggle but I hope you’ll find my derpy awkwardness amusing and entertaining.

Peace and Love,

Caroline Cheng

if you want to get in contact (or befriend me) you can find me here:

instagram (ronda 1): @car.cheng

instagram (ronda 2): @heresalife

twitter: @car_cheng

email: carolinecheng0323@gmail.com

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