Let’s talk about me (Meghan)

Hello world! I’m Meghan, the photography unable, medium-sized, and slightly more sarcastic member of the duo. Assuming you’ve already read the “About Us” section (if you haven’t, that’s a great place to start) you already know the story of how Caroline and I met and how our friendship formed.  You don’t really know who we are individually. When Caroline recommended that our first blog posts be the two of us introducing ourselves, I heartily agreed. Of course, you would want to get to know us better. But then I remembered that describing one’s self sucks. Every first day of school, first date, or first impression in general was met with this same challenge. I don’t want to sound self-deprecating, but I also don’t want to sound obsessed with myself. It’s difficult to strike that balance, but allow me to try.

Passing me on the street, one would hardly notice me. Physically, I’m pretty much average. I’m of medium height, with medium length brown hair and I believe myself to be of medium attractiveness. When I meet someone for the first time, I’m horribly shy. If I do decide to speak, whatever tumbles out of my mouth is guaranteed to be absurdly awkward and met with limited eye contact.

Once I open up, however, I am a completely different person. Ask Caroline. I don’t shut up. My sense of humor consists primarily of awful puns and sexual innuendos. I can be intense at times.  I’m the type of girl who cries at ASPCA commercials. Especially the ones where “Angel” by Sarah McLachan plays in the background. Those are brutal. I befriend pigeons. I stop to pet every dog I see. I’m always down for an adventure, whether that mean a cross continental journey or trying a new ice cream shop a couple of miles down the road.

Throw in an occasional rant about feminism or almonds, and you’ve got me summed up.

Don’t even get me started on almonds. 

Until next time

-Meghan DeJong (Deyung, dejung, ding dong, di jong, dijungle)

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